Travel Destinations

At Concierge Italia, we want to send you where you want to go, with an experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.


Art, architecture, food.... Italy is my first true love. Whether you're seeking a private cooking lesson or a cruise along the river, a trip to this great country never disappoints.


Fine wine, cheese, or French cooking... France is a wonderful destination for food lovers.


At the center of European history, Spain offers sunshine and beaches, bullfights, and music and dance. 


Culture, history, and hospitality are just a few reasons to visit Greece. 


Beautiful buildings, sunny beaches, and port wine are some of the reasons you'll want to travel to Portugal.


Picturesque pebbled beaches, and uniquely beautiful walled towns, are what make Croatia so special.

Travel the world with Concierge Italia.

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We've shared a few of our favorites, but the options are endless.